Diplomatic Platform

The DPRK is diplomatically isolated, making business very difficult. Why should we bother?

The DPRK is not diplomatically isolated over a 150 countries maintain full diplomatic relations, including Australia, Britain, Canada, China, Germany, Russia, China and France. The only notable exception is the US, but even the US has greatly eased restrictions on US businesses entering the DPRK market. Over 25 countries, including Western European nations currently maintain representatives in the DPRK.

As to why companies should look at the market the DPRK has a population of 23 million people more than Australia and almost as many people as Canada. It is also in a very strategic location, close to China, Russia and Japan the possible business opportunities are endless.

Furthermore, the population is highly educated, well trained and very willing to work. We frequently deal with DPRK nationals who are fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and French.