• Misperception 1. DPRK’ s political environment for foreign investment

Is the DPRK open to foreign investors or not ?

There is currently a concentrated movement in the DPRK towards modern business principles. There has been a definite recognition within the DPRK government that they need the investment and knowledge that foreign businesses possess.

The DPRK is currently investing a lot of time and effort into the drafting and implementation of new laws, including those focused on investment that will make it easier and more attractive for foreign businesses to enter the market.

  • Misperception 2. DPRK´s economic state

Is the DPRK (North Korea) a poor or a rich country?

Many types of services and commodities are scarce in the DPRK nowadays but this shows the scope of opportunities.

On the other hand the DPRK is a wealthy country, natural resources as well as well-educated disciplined human resources, the business environment is changing, for the better, within the DPRK and we would not at all be surprised if they would enter into a period of high economic growth, based partly on the platform that the DPRK Government is laying down at this moment.

20 years ago China was a very poor country smart businesses foresee opportunities and act on them before the rest of the competition. This is what we believe our clients are doing right now.