Although the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (22.9 million people) is not usually thought of as a prime business destination, those that look beyond existing perceptions, see a market with great potential for profitable business, due to relatively low levels of foreign business activities. In a number of industry sectors, but not all sectors, the potential for growth and good rates of return on investment can be greater than expected.
There are many opportunities in different industries to develop business in the D.P.R. Korea. The country has an abundance of mineral wealth, other natural resources and a highly educated, well-trained and motivated workforce.

Sectors such as mining, energy, agriculture and IT are not only open to foreign investment, the DPRK Government is actively encouraging foreign investment and expertise in these areas.

As with other previously closed economies, early entry brings with it a number of advantages for businesses, from little or limited competition to working together with the Government on creating a more business-friendly environment. TRAKO  is in a unique position to assist foreign businesses in their DPRK related ventures – from the planning stage to implementation and to help gain early market entry whilst minimising or alleviating the risks of an emerging market.