Trade Korea (Trako)  is a business consultancy company focused on the development of business, trade and investment with North Korea (the DPRK). Trako develops successful business, and projects for international clients, providing Information, Insight, Introductions, and facilitating Implementation and Investments.

Trako’s Advantage is its strategic positioning in the market place, harnessing its strong network of government contacts, partners, alliances and comprehensive range of products and services.

Trako ensures a companies success in capitalising on the myriad of opportunities existing in North Korea by effectively managing relationships, solutions, delegations and market entry.

Trako acts as a bridge by providing information and understanding for its clients, which include International commercial companies from Europe, Asian & Western Governments, and United Nations Agencies including UNDP & OCHA.

Areas of service :

Information & insight :

  1. News Bulletin + Trako Info-Pack
  2. Industry Reports
  3. Customised Reports

Introduction  :

  1. a.Connections & channels to market
  2. Visit Pyongyang & arranging visas + hotels, hostings , meeting programme & specific visits
  3. Trako introduces Projects and Partners

Investment  :

  1. Project portofolio (Basket of projects )
  2. Project implementation

Foreign investment Law of DPRK :

Article 1. It is the consistent policy of the DPRK to develop economic cooperation with other countries. The State encourages foreign investors to invest in the territory of the DPRK on the principles of complete equality and mutual benefit.

Article 3. A foreign investor shall be permitted to establish equity and contractual joint ventures within the territory of the DPRK and to set up and operate wholly foreign-owned enterprises in the Free Economic and Trade Zone.


Article 7. The State particularly encourages investment in sectors that require high and modern technology, sectors that produce internationally competitive goods, the sectors of natural resource development and infrastructure construction, and the sectors of scientific research and technology development.