MISSION: Assist clients to achieve business success in the DPRK (North Korea).
VISION: An internationally accepted North Korea with progressive social-economic development, achieved via a steady momentum of economic reforms, international relations and international business development and investment.

Trust: Building the feeling (kibun) with Korean people that common objectives on any particular business deal or project, will greatly enhance the chance of success. Korean people have feelings, are proud, and share mankind desire for progress.
Respect: Mutual respect is a basic and common courtesy and we remember that when we visit any country
Understanding: Part of any successful relationship is to establish the short, medium and long term objectives. The achievement of success relates to correct and realistic setting of expectations, proper timescales, attention to detail, and the mutual parameters for profitability. A common understanding can be achieved quickly through straight talking, common purpose and productive dialogue.
Sincerity: A clear focus on business success together with sincere and transparent motives will help all business people achieve their goals. We work in an honest and transparent manner for our customers, and at the same time place client confidentiality high on the list of values that protects their objectives or established business.
Together: TRAKO cannot operate without partners in Pyongyang with whom we trust and work together, building understanding of customer requirements together.
We act at all times in professional and courteous way observing international and local customs, culture and laws.

We are a company of high principles and ethical behaviour. We believe in the basic human right to have a good job and we work hard to create opportunities for employment and economic development both of which go hand in hand.

Engagement in the fields of business, trade and investment serves to provide improvements in peoples lives as well as real jobs in mining, manufacturing as well as energy, agriculture and logistics. Our activity helps generate valuable foreign exchange as well as provides money  for people’s pockets.