About Us

TRAKO is the foremost company fully focused on the development of successful business, trade and investment with the DPRK (North Korea).

  • First we provide a broad range of reliable and relevant “information and insight” to act both as an appetite wetter and to provide more balance than can be found in the public domain.
  • Second we provide introductions to a range of suitable Korean organizations, potential partners and other relevant Korean, Asian and European parties, in close co-operation with the Korea Chamber of Commerce in Pyongyang.

We arrange customised, generalised and specific visits to Pyongyang and other mining and manufacturing areas of the country.

With our broad network of contacts, built up from over the years of visiting Pyongyang, we can provide relevant background expertise, experience and encouragement.

  • Thirdly we help bring investment by carefully screening and selecting projects and partners and investment opportunities. Then we go one step further and are involved with the implementation.

We are particularly focused on the development of the mining, minerals and metals industry, as well as bringing much needed manufacturing to the many factories in Pyongyang and other cities that can offer cost-effective production and processing, using facilities and well trained and skilled workers.

We place a high emphasis on a professional, result-orientated and socially responsible approach to all we do.

We welcome your feedback and hope to help you fulfill your business goals and objectives in the pursuit of successful business, trade and investment on the Korean Peninsula.

Information & Insight

Description of Services

We offer two types of information services:

(a) Standard subscription includes:

  • DPRK Business News Bulletin (approx. 2 issues per month)
  • General Business brief on DPRK
  • Response to general inquiries regarding DPRK (flight times to power supply)
  • Basic logistical support in Beijing and DPRK (booking of hotels & flights)
  • Pre-Trip Briefing
  • Summary of specific investment opportunities (confidential projects require signing confidentiality & non-circumvent agreement)
  • Invitations to all our Business Luncheons featuring guest speakers & other functions

(b) V.I.P. subscription includes all of above and the following:

  • Report on DPRK Economic Reforms.
  • Back issues of the DPRK Business News Bulletin (upon request).
  • 31 Practical tips on “Doing Business in the DPRK”.
  • Overview of perceived financial risks & introduction of reliable banking partner.
  • Legal Overview and information on Investment Laws.
  • Details of ‘Global Village’ network – those foreign companies who provide service to new entrants to the DPRK business environment (banking, courier, insurance, inspection services, medical, trading, transportation, exhibition, travel etc.).

TRAKO can also provide information services tailored to clients’ specific needs. This include:

In-depth Industry Reports – Korea Business Consultants in-depth industry reports focus on specific industry sectors, such as IT, energy, etc. Information is collected from sources inside and outside Korea.

Negotiations strategy and PR plan development – Plans of actions developed by TRAKO analysts which maximise the chance of success and minimise costs involved.

Feasibility Studies – Highly focused reports on the practicalities and options of specific projects and industry opportunities (Note – these studies are conducted in association with other key relevant organisations & Pyongyang based international organisations).

Information on Systems and Channels – Practical business offering ranging from banking, transportation and mailing advice.


Channel to market – Delegations to the DPRK

Business & Economic Delegations (B&EDs): Experience the DPRK (N. Korea) market situation first hand with an experienced team that has led successful delegations .
Introduce a partner suited to your specific business needs and meet with appropriate organizations to discuss specific /general business opportunities.
Receive detailed DPRK briefings prior to entry and throughout the trip to ensure maximum benefit.
Multiple Company Delegation or Individual Company Delegation available.


Customised service and support network:

TRAKO Consultants offers a “One-Stop Shop” service to customers. This “added value” includes:

Initial information and analysis on DPRK market and opportunities through to visits to N. Korea
Pre-visit and post-visit information – the key to successful market entry.
Korea Business Consultants’ connections cover a full range of financial, legal and transportation services, including:

  • Project finance, legal advice and analysis of tax and investment laws of the DPRK.
  • Participation in DPRK’s expanding and regular Trade Fairs and Exhibitions.
    Trading partners to facilitate the trade of commodities/metals and a full range of other DPRK goods.